Saturday, February 03, 2007

We are in the middle of one of the worst storms we have had in about 4 years. It is snowing and blowing so hard that the weather people have us under a blizzard warning. It is definitely lake-effect, the sun has peeked in and out quite a few times. Our birds have been ravenous! I feel so bad for them, but they are real troopers. Our poor little squirrels are having a tough time finding food too. They keep checking under the feeders, but it has been snowing and blowing so much that they have to dive down under the snow to find anything. I put out peanuts and seeds on a tray feeder on our deck for them, but the snow has drifted over it and covered it all up. The birds are so happy we have our heated bath out and running. The snow built up around the edges and they were having trouble with that, but once the Cardinals knocked the snow off the finches were right there! It is just bitterly cold out and I worry about all the poor critters and birds that don't have feeders nearby. I know that we have had bird at our feeders at the store the entire day, and that is really unusual. We're due for around 5 inches today and more tonight and tomorrow. I think it's time for SPRING!!


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