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Feed Cakes
Feed Cakes
Our feed cakes feature only the highest quality seeds - they're sure to satisfy the appetites of a wide array of wild birds.
Seed Bells
Seed Bells
Simply unwrap, insert string or wire through hole and hang! Available in four varieties.
The perfect place for your feathered friends to perch for a bite to eat. Different-sized feeders accommodate the various sizes of our feed cakes.
Birdola Stackers
Attract the widest variety of birds to your yard with our NEW Birdola Stackers
Squirrel Products
Squirrel Products
Distract these rascals from your birds' feeding area by providing them with their own tasty snack.

Why Birdola?
 Feeding your wild birds with Birdola«Plus™ makes good sense. For the consumer, it is convenient. Simply unwrap the two-pound cake, and insert it into Birdola« Products' specially designed feeder. No more heavy bags to lift and break in your trunk. No more storage hassles (you have to keep the critters out!). You can even keep Birdola« Plus™ in the fridge until you need it. More important, Birdola«Plus™ is good for birds. It has a gourmet mix of premium seeds, with no "junk", or waste seeds that birds simply kick out of a bulk mix (this includes oats, barley and wheatgrass).

Birdola Plus™
 Birdola«Plus™ is a cake of seeds that allows birds to peck their favorite seed, without ruining the rest of the cake. The cake is held together with a natural protein binder, so it's good for birds. Our cakes stay together in all kinds of weather.

What does it contain?
Birdola«Plus™ contains calcium for strong bones and eggshells, and grit to aid in digestion. We've consulted with a nutrition lab and Cornell Ornithology Lab to make our products even better. We also add Nutriboost™ (essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes) to make as complete a meal as possible.

What does it do ?
 The additives contribute to the overall good health of wild birds. A bird that is strong and healthy can survive better in the wild. Natural coloring is maximized, and the immune and reproductive systems are strong, helping ward off diseases. Healthier birds produce healthier offspring. Using these additives led us to call our enhanced cake Birdola«Plus™.

Debbie Hine Lea Owner

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