Thursday, November 09, 2006

It is a beautiful day. It's the kind of day we missed in September and October. It was so cold and rainy, and snowy those 2 months it was almost impossible to get those yard things done. We have had some new visitors to our feeders outside the store. Tufted Titmice showed up last week, and a Downy Woodpecker was finally eating from our suet log, and today I went out to refill the tube feeder with Safflower seeds, and there were 2 Chickadees busy eating, and I didn't notice one of them and grabbed the feeder to take it down and he screeched and flew off. It is so interesting to have all this wildlife at our store. We miss all the activity at home, but get to see things down here. Our cat Joy is at the window every day when we come in to work, watching what's going on in the yard. I'm sure we would have many more birds if she wasn't lurking just inside the window. Gearing up for the Holidays has taken up much of our time. A new store brings about challenges as to how to attach the lights to the windows, and just where will the Christmas tree go. It will be here before we know it and boom it will all be over.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

It just seems like winter wants to get here too fast! It has been COLD!! We have had quite a bit of snow to boot. Nothing that is accumulating, but a couple of days ago we had lake effect and white-outs most of the day. This kind of weather makes the birds extremely HUNGRY! I am having trouble keeping my feeders full at home, and they are eating quite a bit at the store. We would have more activity at the store, but our cat (Joy) has discovered she can lay on the window ledge and enjoy the sun-what little we have had-and see birds in the yard too. We have placed a thistle feeder on a suction cup hook on the window and the finches would love to eat from it but there lies a big gray cat on the other side staring at them, and they just seem skeptical to dine. It seems nice to have feeders out and have the birds show up during the day, we miss all that activity at home. A few days ago we had a pair of Tufted Titmice show up at the store, and we were so excited. That is a new species for our feeders at the store. Our squirrel(s) haven't been around in a couple of days either. It seems like they would be around more often, as there is a free supply of food for them just outside our door. They probably have a feeder in the neighborhood behind us that they have been eating from for years, and only need to dine at our place when the other feeder is empty.

The one thing we need to get done at the store is figure out a way to provide water for the birds when it freezes. We have heated bird baths, and heaters for bird baths, but we need an outlet for those. We'll get it figured out before too long.