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(APK57001)   Allied Precision Kozy Bird Spa Heated Bath with Pedestal

Our Price $122.99

Allied Precision Kozy Bird Spa Heated Bath with Pedestal ALLIEDPRK570 attracts backyard birds year 'round with the technology and style of the new. Attract More Birds to Your Yard, provides life saving water. Safe and Durable Single-Piece Polymer Construction. Attractive sculptured design. Twist & Tip mount makes the KozyBird Spa easy to clean. Now backyard bird enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite pastime year-round, with the new KozyBird Spa - the heated birdbath that offers lifesaving water to birds, even in winter's harshest conditions. KozyBird Spa is the "Five Star" resort your birds will flock to! The new KozyBird Spa Heated Birdbath is where birds want to be when the weather dips below freezing. And it makes for comfortable splashing the rest of the time, too. The Secret, an innovative heat source molded into a solid, one-piece bowl that's more durable and dependable than older style heated birdbaths. The power cord (not included) plugs directly into the bottom of the basin--so unlike other heated baths, there's no need to waterproof the extension-cord connection. Plus, the KozyBird Spa is safe, easy-to-clean and makes an attractive addition to any lawn or garden.

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